The most advanced NDC-ready Booking Platform for TMCs.

Shop, book, and service all NDC content in one single screen, keeping all your down-stream processes in place

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Product Features

All the NDC content in one platform

NDC doesn’t mean de-aggregated distribution nor one screen or shopping GUI for each airline group. We have integrated all the NDC content in one platform and desktop to facilitate aggregated shopping with comparison, booking, and servicing of all the content with the same workflow. We specifically support a number of key features for managed travel:

  • Shopping for published, private, negotiated, tour-operator, and corporate fares.
  • Pre and Post-booking seats and ancillary services addition.
  • Order cancellations, including expiration, voids, and refunds.
  • Itinerary and dates changes
  • Cabin/class Upgrades or downgrades

An API-enabled platform for third-parties integrations

Bookingpad is an open platform that enables third-party players to interact with it. Our extremely simple API allows third-parties to access a number of functionalities on behalf of the agencies upon proper authorization:

  • Shop, Book, and service their content
  • Access their Orders for exporting purposes (Mid/Backoffice Systems)
  • Access with read/write permission their Corporates and Traveler profiles on our platform
  • We can actively send outgoing Webhooks (HTTP notices) to third-parties based on a number of events happening in our platform (Order issuing, changes, cancellation, or even service disruption events such a schedule change)

You can find descriptive APIs documentation in our Developer’s Guide.

Modern and intuitive WEB interface both for the travel consultant and the corporate traveler

Our modern WEB GUI enables travel consultants to go through a minimal adoption curve that makes your agents up-and-running in a matter of minutes.

Furthermore, we are building a two-sides WEB platform that facilitates and streamlines the interactions and processes between the agents and the corporate traveler & manager.

  • Traveler(s) and manager(s) approval process based on WEB (mobile friendly) & email. Ready!
  • Traveler profiles self-management, corporate self-management Coming Soon
  • Self/Corporate Booking Tool. Coming soon

Airlines and Providers

Airline Shopping Booking on-hold Ticketing Cancel & Refund Ancillaries Changes FQTV Card Fares FoP Status
Provider Shopping Booking Ticketing Cancel & Refund Ancillaries Changes FQTV Card Fares FoP Status
TripStack Provides Access to 175+ low-cost carriers globally.
Hahn Air Provides Access to 365+ carriers through location-based distribution agreements



  • Supported
  • Work in Progress
  • Not available


  • Seats
  • Baggage
  • Meals


  • Flight dates


  • Cash (BSP/ARC)
  • Credit Card


  • Public
  • Private
  • Corporate


  • Live
  • Work In Progress
  • Certification

Plans & Pricing


100€ / month
1€ / order issued

  • 1 IATA Number
  • 1 Branch / Subagency
  • Up to 10 agent accounts


  • Traveler Profiles Management System
  • Downstream Bookings to Mid/Backoffice


250€ / mo. fee
1€ / order issued

  • 1 IATA Number
  • Up to 5 branches/subagencies
  • Up to 25 agent accounts


  • Traveler Profiles Management System
  • Downstream Bookings to Mid/Backoffice


450€ / mo.
1€ / order issued

  • 1 IATA Number
  • Unlimited branches/subagencies
  • Unlimited agent accounts


  • Traveler Profiles Management System
  • Downstream Bookings to Mid/Backoffice


How is Bookingpad different to the so called airline Agency Portals?

Short story: Multi-airline Vs. Single airline. This applied to shopping, booking, servicing and down-stream process.

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Do I need to sign a commercial agreement with each airline?

YES! For IATA accredited agencies this is actually a prerequisite from the airlines when working with NDC under the "direct distribution" paradigm.

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Can we get bookings reported to our Mid/BackOffice system?

Yes. We provide several ways to integrate bookings in your existing Mid/BackOffice solution

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User Guide

Learn how to use Bookingpad's main features.

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Our Customers

Our valuable customers that have joined our journey to a differentiated Travel Tech strategy

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Our Partners

We aim to buld a Next-Gen travel ecosystem by partnering with the leading travel distribution companies

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