How is Bookingpad different to the so called airline Agency Portals?

There are existing solutions for direct distribution commonly called “Agency Portals” provided by airline groups (normally for free) such as:

These solutions work only for an airline group. This might be a big problem for agencies, who can reasonably argue that they don’t provide a functional way to operate in a multi-airline environment as they have been traditionally doing in the legacy systems like GDSs.

After your agency gets authorized by each earline’s NDC, Bookingpad will aggregate all of their content, for shopping, booking, and servicing in one single and consistent web GUI. This means that your agents won’t have to learn a different user experience to work with each airline.

Although it seems the opposite, having all the content aggregated in one place is the exact purpose of NDC as a distribution standard, not quite the contradictory argument for which NDC might have been created with the purpose of obfuscating fares comparison.

This screenshot speaks by itself: